Introducing a free to use beach volleyball court to enjoy all summer long!

LONDON, ON – Another community recreational option for London has been added at London International Airport. We’re excited to announce our brand-new beach volleyball court. We encourage the public to come out to the airport with a group of friends to get active, enjoy the sunshine, and spot some planes while you visit!

London International Airport is proud to give back to the community and provide a safe space for everyone to enjoy. Our hope is that people are excited to visit the airport, even if they don’t have an upcoming flight planned.

We started with a pickleball court last summer, which is also now open, then opened an ice rink in the winter, and had an overwhelming great response for both. We decided to use the same area that our ice rink was in, to offer another fun sport for summer!

Spike’s Indoor Beach Volleyball has been an incredible facility for Londoners over their 26+ years of operation. With their retirement, adding a community court will help provide an opportunity for Londoners to easily come out and enjoy the popular sport.

“We are very excited to launch our community beach volleyball court this summer” said Scott McFadzean, President and CEO of the London International Airport. “Our operations team had a great idea to turn the hockey rink area into a beach facility in order to enjoy year-round recreational activities at the airport. Building a community at the airport is very important to our culture and something we are very proud of here at London International Airport.”

It is open from 07:00 to 21:00 every day and is not monitored, please use the court respectfully. It is “bring your own ball”, we do not provide equipment, other than the net that is set up.

The court is located north of the Airport, Head north up Crumlin Sideroad, go around the bend on and onto Hurricane Rd. Free parking is available along the fence in front of the Airside Operations Center, east of the court. Please do not park along the road coming in (Spitfire Rd). Enjoy!