Parking at our airport is easy and convenient. Short and long-term parking are both located in our main lot, directly in front of the terminal building. There are no designated sections in our lot, it's first come, first serve.

Please note that we are now a cashless operation. Our parking is fully automated, giving our passengers three options for payment:

When Entering or Exiting the Parking Lot

When you enter the parking lot, tap your credit card on one of the kiosks. When leaving the parking lot at the end of your trip, just tap again with the same credit card and you will receive a receipt.


Pay for your parking using the HONK app (available on all major app stores).

In The Airport

When you enter the parking lot obtain your ticket from the kiosk and keep it with you. Once you are ready to leave the airport you can use a pay station (located in the Arrivals area of the terminal) to pay. Accepted forms of payment include credit and debit cards.

Parking Rates

Effective January 2024

Term Rate
Hourly Rate $2.00
Daily Maximum (up to 24 hours) $20.00
Weekly Maximum (up to 168 hours) $100.00
Monthly Maximum (up to 672 hours) $200.00

Accessible Parking Information

Please visit our dedicated page with information on Accessibility.

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