Land Development

Growth of our commercial passenger services is exciting, and important to our Airport's mission, but we are also committed to the continued expansion and development of our aviation business community. London International holds over 1000 acres of development ready lands, and to date, is home to more than 35 different aviation related businesses including Diamond Aircraft, Fanshawe Norton School of Aviation, and many more.
Our goal is the continued growth of our vibrant aviation community in London. We intend to accomplish that by providing your business with the optimal land to develop, easy permitting and building processes, and a welcoming atmosphere. We are also able to offer one of the lowest land lease rates available in Southwestern Ontario at a typical 21 cents per square foot (subject to change depending on a number of factors).

Why Choose London International for Your Development?

Current Lots Available for Lease

Below are lots that are available immediately for lease. This is not an exhaustive list of what is available on our property.

We have complete flexibility and freedom to resize lots as required by the needs of our tenants, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, be sure to reach out!

You can contact us at to discuss commercial development opportunities in more detail.

Lot N33

81,800 square feet (available immediately)

Lot N22

61,000 square feet (available immediately)

Lot N16

50,300 square feet (available immediately)

Lot N36

197,000 square feet (available immediately)

Current Units Available for Lease

There are not currently any units available for lease, please check back soon as we are always updating this page.

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To contact us and discuss commercial land development opportunities, send us an email!

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