Showcase your business and brand to a large audience in our open concept, brightly lit terminal building. London International Airport has up to 20 non-stop flights, with 450,000+ expected passengers in 2024. Including the reach of passengers, visitors, meeters and greeters.. that's over 2.5 million impressions annually, 6000 impressions daily!

Airport advertising allows you and your brand to be showcased throughout the "customer journey", with a mix of different medium and locations available that will reach a mix of business and leisure travellers, airport personnel, and any other visitors to the airport.

TV Wall


Introducing our new 9 screen TV wall, photos and video files are displayed on a rotation and viewed by all passengers departing our airport, as well as everyone enjoying food & drink at YXU Market. This feature wall is strategically placed before security to be viewed by the general public, not only passengers.

Backlit Panels

Our panels are located throughout our terminal in both the public and post-security spaces in high-traffic high-visibility locations. We offer backlit panels in multiple sizes, and have packages that reduce costs as more panels are leased.

Branding Zones

Get creative! We have multiple unique locations in the airport for ambitious, unique forms of advertising. From giant banners, to brand new cars parked right in the terminal, we are always open to new ideas to help you communicate your message. One great example is a beautiful living wall, an advertising installation by one of our current partners

Aviation Marketing

Our team has worked with our airline partners on numerous marketing campaigns that included traditional and digital components. We offer in house marketing campaign design and execution, with the provision of in-depth analytics and project management.

Baggage Claim eBoards/Physical Belts

Position your advertising in our domestic baggage claims hall on either belt 1 or belt 2 and reach up to 100% of all passengers arriving and departing our Airport. As a bonus, our baggage belts are located in terminal space available to the public, so you can also reach meeters, greeters, and other visitors.


Custom banners may hang from our open, airy ceilings in the main concourse of our terminal (non-restricted area of the airport open to the public) or in large spaces in our departure lounge, welcoming arriving passengers to London!

Passenger Loading Bridges

London International currently has four bridges capable of bridging aircraft as large as a Boeing 777. The airport is able to bridge every aircraft size currently providing service, ensuring that the advertiser has maximum passenger reach with their advertisement. There are two options for bridge advertising, custom panel posters or full coverage vinyls.

Digital Screens

London International Airport is pleased to provide digital screen advertising options in 2 main areas. There is one screen by the entrance to Departures, across from the food court and two screens in Baggage Claim. Advertisers can provide either a static advertisement or video content and may select screens or choose all screens at a discounted rate.

Baggage Carts

London Airport replaced their entire fleet of baggage carts at the beginning of 2019, offering a new avenue for advertisers to reach passengers and visitors.
Baggage cart advertising allows for the delivery of an in-depth message, up close and personal to the cart user, with sustained impression time for the advertisement.

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