Our Airport prides ourselves on a strategic business approach that keeps costs low for all our partners, in all areas of our operations and development. Our rates and fees are no exception, and we are pleased to offer among the lowest rates and fees for any airport in Canada.

Landing Fees per aircraft

Effective January 1, 2024

Please note that there are no Landing Fees for a Piston Aircraft

Prices are subject to change without prior notification excepting where legally required.

Landing Fees per 1,000 kg MTOW or fraction thereof for a jet aircraft or turboprop aircraft
Minimum Charge $39.85
All Weights $ 9.43
General Terminal Fees per seat
Domestic Flight $3.84
International Flight $5.04
Security Fees per seat
Domestic Flight $1.33
International Flight $1.33
Other Fees
AIF $15 per departing passenger
Common Use Computer System $0.40 per enplaned passenger
Common Use Counter $250 per departing flight
Domestic Waste Removal $150 per month
International Waste Removal $250 per month
Emergency Response Services $150 per hour charge for overtime incurred by YXU ERS personnel after regular hours of operation due to delayed flights