Our Goal

Our Airport's air service goal is to connect our communities to the world, while at the same time delivering best in class, easy, comfortable customer service. Developing new routes or expanding existing service allows us to directly serve this mission. We are always excited to hear about new opportunities!

To contact us and discuss route opportunities or our incentive programs, please email us at airservice@flylondon.ca

Why Choose London?

Situated midway between Detroit and Toronto, London is currently the 11th largest city in Canada. We have a safe and secure community, along with an abundance of recreational facilities, restaurants, diverse employers, and so much more, these are just a few qualities that families enjoy about the city. London presents exciting job opportunities in a number of sectors, great neighbourhoods, excellent education, renowned health care facilities, and plenty to do in your leisure time.


300+ tech companies employing over 9000

150 million consumers within a one-day drove of London

Lower than average child care costs in Ontario

60% of Londoner’s volunteer compared to the national average of 48%

Ontario offers some of the world’s most competitive research and development cost incentives

64% of Ontario’s workers have a post secondary education (highest percentage in the G7)

Employment in London is
widely diversified between
many different industries.

London’s Current Air Service

Travellers using London International Airport can enjoy non-stop service to a number of domestic and international vacation destinations. Aside from non-stop destinations, travellers can use the frequent connections through major hubs such as Toronto, Montréal and Calgary.

Route Map & Flight Schedule


Rates and Fees

Our Airport prides ourselves on a strategic business approach that keeps costs low for all our partners, in all areas of our operations and development. Our rates and fees are no exception, and we are pleased to offer among the lowest rates and fees for any airport in Canada.

Aeronautical Fees