At London International Airport (YXU), we believe everyone should have access in order to enjoy a barrier-free and accessible travel experience. We recognize that more than eight per cent of people with disabilities, visible or invisible, require assistance when at the airport. Over the years we have set out to improve accessibility, but now more than ever, we are turning our accessibility commitments into impactful, actionable tasks that aim to make travel through YXU a better experience for everyone. With our trusted partnerships, our dedicated staff, and our passengers who make YXU possible, we lead with people-first initiatives. For us, it’s about paving the way as an inclusive, community-oriented space that caters to fostering long-lasting relationships that bring people together, anywhere. YXU is your easy and comfortable airport.

Any individuals, including passengers and employees, are welcome to provide feedback about our Accessibility Plan and/or feedback regarding any encountered barriers at YXU. Please connect with us personally or anonymously, by using the email, phone number or mailing address outlined below, by submitting an online feedback form through our website or through social media by direct messaging (links provided below). Our feedback options provide an acknowledgement of receipt, and can maintain anonymity.

Feedback about the implementation of the Accessibility Plan and or any encountered barriers with YXU are received, reviewed, and kept on record by the Director of Passenger Experience. Responses will be provided in a timely manner, unless the feedback is submitted anonymously.


Mailing Address:
Passenger Experience
10 Seabrook Way
London Ontario
N5V 3B6  Canada

Phone number:

Upon request, an accessible alternate format (e.g print, large print, Braille, audio format or an electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology) of this Accessibility Plan or the Feedback Process can be provided by contacting us at the mailing address, phone number or email outlined above.

When making flight arrangements you are required to let your air carrier know if you require special assistance.

All our airlines provide wheelchairs (only manual wheelchairs are currently available) for passengers requiring assistance to travel through our airport. 

London International Airport is subject to the Canadian Transportation Agency Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations and the provisions of these regulations that apply to it, and the services that it offers to persons with disabilities and any conditions that apply to those services.

Under the regulations, our obligations are to the following sections:
Part 4 – Requirements Applicable to Terminal Operators

You may request assistance with the reservation form below or contact us at at or